Android System File Manager

I love everything android so I naturally like to pick it apart to understand more about it thats why I originally made abunch of little helper scripts for myself to quickly accomplish numerous tasks. I have put those commands together into a .bat file for use on windows and decided I cant keep such tools to myself so I post it in various forums and allow any site that wants to, to post it. In the attached zip there is a few things SystemFileManager.bat and a folder labeled other that has the needed files for the .bat to work.

On your first time running SystemFileManager.bat its gonna create a few folders for operation. You will be presented with a list of options:

1.Pull entire system
2.Pull /system/app
3.Pull /system/framework
4.Push apps from apps folder to /system/app
(this is really only good for pushing main
system apps as they will be installed to the phones system memory)
5.Push framework files from framework folder to /system/framework
(warning can cause major problems if you add wrong framework files)
6.Push boot animation from bootanimation folder to /data/local
(must be named to work)
7.Push boot animation from bootanimation folder to /system/media
(must be named to work)
8.Reboot Phone
9.Create desc.txt for boot animations
10.Pull /data
11.Unpack APK
12.Repack APK
13.Reboot into recovery

To start an activity just type the corresponding number and hit enter. For example type 7 and hit enter and the .bat file will copy any from the bootanimation folder and push it to /system/media. Everything is as straight forward as possible if there is anything you have a question about or anything please dont hesitate to contact me at I will help as much as I can.

This is the zip file


How to set themes,wallpapers, and widgets.

So you just got one of my sick themes and your not sure how your supposed to go about using it. Well I will tell you and include visual aids to help along the way. First so you understand why it is not a self opening app, themes are made for the various home replacements available in the android market like Openhome, Ahome, Pandahome or my favorite ADW Launcher (which is free in the market) just to name a few of the many. For themes to work you must have the home replacement they are made for installed.I will go over two of them right now…

ADW Luncher:

This home replacement app is a beast it has way to many features to list and let me tell you you cant beat the price of this swift app. To set a theme for it is actually pretty easy there really isn’t too much involved you will want to clock your phones menu button then if your a rooted user press settings if your not a rooted phone user the adw settings button will be right there in your initial menu.

Once in the settings you will see several options go down to themes preferences and click it.

Now you are presented with your theme preferences page if you dont want the icons themed you can uncheck that but who doesnt lol. Next you will go to select your theme.

You will be presented with a scroller of all your installed themes click the one you want then it will have a preview of that theme and some info about it if all looks good now just click apply theme give it a second then click your home button if you are not taken back to it. That should be it you should now be looking at your newly themed phone via ADW Launcher!


Openhome is about the same as adw to set up just worded a little differently. To set a theme in Openhome you will click your phones menu button while in openhome (open your home replacements that are installed by pressing your home button.) and click the more button.

Once you click more you will see openhome’s menu click skin.

Now you will see a list of your installed openhome skins (if you have ahome themes installed you can use those by clicking other themes instead of skins.) click the skin you want to install.

Now a popup will come up asking if you wanna leave the wallpaper as it is or use the theme wallpaper click whatever you want.

After that you will be returned to your default home and you must restart Openhome so again just press your home button then Openhome.

Congratulations now when Openhome restarts you should be presented with your new theme!

This seems to be universal from phone to phone but dont quote me on that lol. First click your phones menu button or hold an empty area of your homescreen now click wallpapers and a list of your installed wallpaper apps will come up. Click one then each app is a little different but usually theres just one button that sets the image your viewing at the time or you can just click an image and it will set it.

This is almost the same as wallpapers just hold an empty area of your homescreen then when the options popup click widgets. You will be presented with all your installed widgets click the one you wanna apply and it will be done. If it throws up a no more room error just clear off that screen and try again.

Thanks for taking the time to read this hope it helps some of you!

Etched Glass Theme

This is my newest theme called etched glass. It is available for ADW Launcher and now Openhome or Pandahome. This theme has lots of extras Like built in extra wallpapers, built in extra clock widgets, and extra Icons are available in the built in icon pack for the ADW version.I will be adding tons more icons/wallpapers/widgets as well so please let me know what you would like to see. Here are some screens of this epic theme.

If you need instructions on using themes look here

Entheogen Educator (Psychoactive substance edu)

Have you ever wondered about those psychedelic “teas” Indians take or whats in peyote that makes you trip? This app is for you, from dosages to cooking recipes and beyond this app covers most the entheogen’s known to man. Heres some screenshots of the full version of the app.

The free version of the app is more bare bones doesn’t go into as much detail or have as many photos and does not provide info on individual psilocybin species like habitat ranges sporeprints etc(EDIT: THIS IS NO LONGER CORRECT THEY ARE THE SAME NOW EXCEPT THE PAID VERSION HAS CLOCK WIDGETS AND NO ADS.)…Thanks for your interest as always please feel free to email me with questions comments and suggestions at

Welcome to the home of HLDeveloping

Thanks for your interest in my apps themes and widgets. I try to keep my apps of the highest quality if ever you aren’t impressed please feel free to tell me how I can improve it. I do custom themes apps or widgets too for all those interested.